Heading out camping for a week in an RV doesn’t mean going without a shower for a week. One of the great things about RVing is that you are able to have all of the conveniences of home while traveling to your favorite destinations. When you’re looking at purchasing an RV it’s important to know the differences in your RV Shower options.

Showering Quick

RVers take quick showers for two main reasons, to Save Water and if they have Limited Hot Water. If you’re dry camping and need to conserve on water because you have a limited amount in your fresh water tank, you’ll want to be quick and use as little fresh water as you can. Often, smaller units don’t have a big capacity hot water heater which means you’ll be limited on how long you can shower. Military showers is an easy solution:

  • Rinse off quickly
  • Turn the water off and soap up
  • Turn the water back on and rinse off

Showering in the Great Outdoors

It’s fun to get muddy! If you plan on this as part of your camping experience you will want to have an outdoor shower as a pre-rinse rather than bringing in all that mud and dirt into the RV.

Hot Long Showers

An increasingly hot (pun intended) trend is On Demand Water Heaters. They fit into the existing opening on your RV and use propane. This means that the person who loves their long showers can sing as long as they want.

Bath Tub

Growing families often prefer to have an RV with bath tubs. It’s also nice for the adventurer to come back after a long day of trekking up a mountain to soak in a nice warm bath.

What about you, what’s important to you in an RV Shower experience?