WHO The Heck

ARE we?

With the ever changing landscape of the RV industry and advertising, Own The Open Road Marketing was created to provide effective, honest, and affordable marketing solutions for RV dealers of any size.

WHY RV Dealers Choose us

25+ Years of RV Industry Experience

  • We have seen it all and can help you identify and solve numerous challenges for your dealership.
  • Our industry knowledge spans from running dealerships first hand to helping dealerships as a marketing and sales partner.

Market Exclusivity

  • Call us old fashioned, but we believe that to serve you the best, we can’t also be advertising for your competition down the street.
  • We believe in being a partner and extension of your team.

Lead Focused

  • Who is your best sales person? We may not know who that is, but we do know who your 24/7 sales person is, we call him “Website.”
  • Sales are foundational to your business and this informs all of our decisions.

We Believe in the

Power of Performance.

We earn our job every month with products and services that work,
pricing that is fair, and a team with experience and ideas.

Experts at your Service

Our founder, Chris Sach, understands the issues you face in the RV Industry.  His family owned and operated RV America in Colorado and was instrumental in the process in growing from one to three full service RV dealerships across the Denver Metro area. We understand there can be a seasonality to your business and want to be your partner.  We willing to work with you to  fully understand your needs and position in the market and build an online strategy to fulfill those needs.  We won’t ask you to “trust” us for a year by asking for a long term contract, but instead earn your business every month.

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